Personal Finance

American Financiers Group is dedicated to working with individuals and families to plan for their financial futures. American Financiers Group works diligently with clients in all phases of their financial lives: risk management, education planning, investments advisory, tax planning, retirement, and estate planning—wealth transfer. American Financial Group can help clients identify their financial goals and objectives; develop financial strategies based on clients’ risk tolerance and time horizon, and prudently implement their financial plans, and continue to monitor the plans for any changes in clients’ financial status and life circumstances in the future.

American Financial Group can provide needed, experienced guidance for all of your insurance needs. We help clients analyze their existing insurance policies to ensure that their inherent risks are well covered to avoid any devastating catastrophe to their family as a result of death and other types of loss.  American Financial Group undertakes a strict due diligence with insurers to ensure the best insurance policies from the best insurers to clients at reasonable costs. American Financial Group can also assists clients with wealth transfer, estate planning and other strategies to ensure tax efficiency in their estates.

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